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7 Best New NFT Projects to Invest in


The non-fungible token (NFT) sector is one of the fastest-growing areas in cryptocurrency and investors are always on the lookout for new NFT projects with the potential for large growth.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a look at seven of the best new NFT projects, discussing the merits and detriments of each. Let’s get started. 

Best New NFT Projects – Our Picks

For investors just looking for a push in the right direction, we’ve summarized each of these new or upcoming NFT projects below.

  • RobotEraNew NFT Project Building a P2E Metaverse with Zero Code Creator Tools
  • IMPTGreen Crypto Project Turning Carbon Credits into NFTs
  • CalvariaNFT-based Card Game with Paid and Free Versions
  • Tamadoge – New P2E NFT Game with Unique Pets and Arcade Games
  • WHIKO – Community-Focused NFT Project Hosting Real-World Events
  • The Memes – High Quantity Low-Cost Collection Spreading a Positive Message
  • ORI by James Merrill – Unique Collection of Origami-Inspired Artwork

1. RobotEra – New NFT Project Building a P2E Metaverse with Zero Code Creator Tools

While established projects like The Sandbox are presently more widely known, RobotEra (TARO), one of the best upcoming NFT projects, could soon find itself at the forefront of the metaverse sector thanks to its phenomenal creator tools. 

The project’s native TARO token recently launched as a presale and is selling out quickly after garnering worldwide attention.

To ensure that any in-game items can be traded with minimal costs, RobotEra has utilized NFT technology – Land, robot companions, and player avatars will all take the form of Ethereum-based NFTs. 

On top of incentivizing players to spend more time playing RobotEra, this will also allow the project to generate additional revenue through secondary sales.  

As one of the top new NFT projects, RobotEra boasts incredibly engaging gameplay. Players explore a unique world split into different continents, building structures and P2E experiences using the comprehensive set of no-code creator tools. 

Furthermore, players can mine for resources to craft robot companions that can be sold on the in-built NFT marketplace. 

The project is powered by an ERC-20 governance token dubbed TARO, with holders of the 1.8 billion supply token able to pledge their TARO to gain voting rights regarding potential updates to the project. 

Adding further utility to the token, TARO can be staked to accrue crypto rewards – check out the RobotEra whitepaper to learn more. 

Anyone looking to invest in the best new NFT can do so via the three-stage RobotEra presale, where TARO will initially be available for just $0.020 before increasing to $0.025 and culminating at $0.032. 

With prices steadily increasing, it’s worth checking out the project now, to secure tokens at the best price. Join the RobotEra Telegram to hear about any updates early. 

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2. IMPT – Green Crypto Project Turning Carbon Credits into NFTs

As the focus on responsible investing grows, IMPT – a project aiming to transform credits equivalent to the offset of one ton of carbon into NFTs – could take the world by storm. 

The IMPT token recently entered the second stage of its presale and has already raised more than $13 million, turning the heads of investors. 

Being one of the coolest NFT projects on the market, it should be of little surprise that IMPT has big plans. By turning carbon credits into NFTs, IMPT will make credits blockchain-verifiable, eliminating the double counting issue and ensuring transparency within a $273 billion industry. 

Carbon credits will be available to purchase directly or can be attained by exchanging tokens accrued from shopping with over 10,000 partner brands – Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft among them.

A company is also able to reduce its carbon output by allocating a portion of its margin to IMPT’s environmental projects. Check out the IMPT whitepaper to learn more.

IMPT will create a dedicated social media platform that allows people to display their contributions to the environment in the form of IMPT points.

 People can earn points by redeeming carbon credits or exchanging them for a custom NFT that can then be displayed or sold on IMPT’s NFT marketplace. 

Similar to other upcoming NFT drops, IMPT tokens are available as part of a three-phase presale.

Currently, the price per IMPT token is set at $0.023 but this will increase to $0.032 during the third and final phase, meaning that it could be worth checking out IMPT now before the next price increase. Join the IMPT Telegram to stay informed about any updates.

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3. Calvaria – NFT-based Card Game with Paid and Free Versions

There has been a surge in the number of new NFT games being released with Calvaria (RIA) being perhaps the best of all. 

The crypto battle-card game built on the Polygon network allows players to battle it out in engaging and rewarding duals. To date, the RIA token has raised more than $2 million during its presale, highlighting its potential. 

While games like Hearthstone have become massively popular, few offer the ability to cash out cards for usable currency. However, by turning cards into NFTs, Calvaria will solve this issue, potentially helping to propel the project to the center of the digital card game industry. 

As one of the top new NFT games on the market, Calvaria allows players to earn crypto rewards by building a deck of cards and winning duals against other players. 

However, for players wanting to enjoy Calvaria’s gameplay without spending any money, there is also a free version that eliminates the need for NFT cards and removes any P2E elements from the game.

There are two different tokens within the Calvaria ecosystem. RIA is used to purchase new cards, for governance purposes, and can be staked to earn rewards, while eRIA (earned RIA) is awarded to players for winning matches and can be used to upgrade cards or to purchase items for in-game use from the Calvaria store.

Check out the Calvaria whitepaper to learn more.

The 1 billion supply RIA token is currently available as part of a 10-stage presale and, now in the fourth presale stage, tokens can be purchased for $0.025. 

The price will increase to $0.055 by the tenth stage, a 120% from the current price, making it one of the best cheap cryptos for early investors. 

Check out Calvaria now to take advantage of its presale discount and join the Calvaria Telegram group to stay informed about any updates. 

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4. Tamadoge – New P2E NFT Game with Unique Pets and Arcade Games

Next on our list of the top new NFT projects is the play-to-earn meme coin Tamadoge (TAMA)

Thanks to its engaging Pokemon-esque gameplay, Tamadoge has become very popular among crypto enthusiasts, with its presale raising $18 million and the token continuing to perform well on the open market. 

Tamadoge is centered around a metaverse world in which players raise NFT-based pets that exist on the Ethereum chain.

Every Tamadoge pet takes the form of either a super rare, rare, or common NFT boasting unique artwork and attributes. More details can be found in the Tamadoge whitepaper.

It’s possible for players to level up a pet by providing it with items from the in-game store (food, toys, cosmetics). 

When a pet levels up, its owner receives Dogepoints boosting its ranking on the in-game leaderboard – the highest-ranked players receive the most rewards, incentivizing gameplay.

The TAMA token is used to pay for in-game items and is distributed to players as a reward, with the token using the ERC-20 standard and boasts a maximum supply of 2 billion. 

5% of revenue generated from in-store purchases is burned, reducing the overall supply of TAMA – the meme coin which pumped nearly 2,000% from its presale price after listing in October.

As such, it’s worth checking out the project now, before consistent burns push the price of TAMA higher. Join the Tamadoge Telegram channel to keep up with any updates. 

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5. WHIKO – Community-Focused NFT Project Hosting Real-World Events

Out of all the new NFT projects that have recently launched, WHIKO is one of the most interesting. 

Focused on community, this collection of 8,887 Ethereum NFTs acts as an entry ticket to the WHIKO community. 

Owners of a WHIKO NFT can access WHIKO LAND, an NFT social club for crypto enthusiasts. Furthermore, holders will receive various airdrops as well as early access to upcoming NFTs, providing long-term value for investors. 

Later down the line, WHIKO will host a series of real-world events for holders. 

Overall, WHIKO is one of the best new NFTs on the market and could perform well based on its current volume. 

While investors will have to wait and see which real-world features get announced, WHIKO is one project worth keeping an eye on. 

6. The Memes – High Quantity Low-Cost Collection Spreading a Positive Message

Consisting of 37 items, each boosting roughly 400 to 1000 copies, The Memes is somewhat different from the best new NFTs. 

The aim of The Memes was to create a low-cost collection that was within the reach of any crypto enthusiast, regardless of budget. 

The collection was created using the ER-1155 standard, meaning that minting is reasonably affordable. 

While there are currently 37 different The Memes NFTs on the market, more have already been created and will be made available to mind over the coming months – by design, the collection is cheap as its goal is promoting an open self-governing metaverse. 

With The Memes NFT collection being affordable and spreading a positive message, it’s a solid collection for those looking to get involved in the NFT market. 

As new NFTs are constantly being unveiled, it could pay to follow the collection closely.

7. ORI by James Merrill – Unique Collection of Origami-Inspired Artwork

While some NFT collections derive value from providing utility or building a platform, ORI by James Merrill keeps things simple, focusing solely on the artwork. 


The collection consists of just 450 NFTs minted on the Ethereum network.

Boasting a floor price of over 2.75 ETH, ORI is the most expensive collection on our list, but with the recently declining prices of crypto, the collection can be picked up for a reasonable price.

The collection takes inspiration from the Japanese art of origami and is published by Art Blocks, a company helping artists to create unique NFTs. 

Considering the exclusivity of the ORI collection, it could increase in value as more inventors discover it. 

As such, it could be worth watching how ORI as well as other Art Blocks collections perform over the next few months. 


While we’ve taken a look at some of the best upcoming NFTs available to investors, one project towered above the others in terms of potential. 

RobotEra is set to revolutionize the metaverse, providing people with a vast array of earning opportunities. 

With the project’s native TARO token currently in presale, there’s no better time to check out the project.

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