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Big Eyes (BIG) is a fresh-faced project making a name among crypto enthusiasts. Its pre-sale, which has seen significant success, has raised over $9M and counting. This is a consequence of its high ambitions to become the most popular meme coin and, most especially, rank among the top 10 NFT projects in the market.

However, other cryptocurrencies like Decentraland (MANA) and BinaryX (BNX) have already set the pace in the NFT sector. Can the new cryptocurrency, Big Eyes (BIG), compete with these two giants in the NFT space? Let’s find out.

BinaryX Is Creating Revolutionary Crypto Games and NFTs

BinaryX (BNX) is the native token that governs the BinaryX platform, the project behind the play-to-earn games CyberDragon and CyberArena, both running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The BinaryX (BNX) project began as a decentralized derivative trading platform, before expanding into GameFi and the Metaverse. Its CyberDragon game is a dual-token fantasy role-playing game. Players can recruit heroes from the Cyber Series NFT with the BNX token and battle through dungeons to earn GOLD, the platform’s game currency.

The BNX token is the medium of exchange on the BinaryX platform. It is used for many game functions and platform services, such as recruiting heroes and marketplace transactions. Furthermore, all BNX holders can participate in the project’s DAO and vote on the project’s development proposals.

BinaryX (BNX) is among the biggest GameFi projects on the BNB chain. It continues to launch new GameFi projects to fulfill its mission of expanding the metaverse. Its latest release is RhinoX, a 10,000-piece NFT collection that gives holders exclusive access to different GameFi and DeFi applications on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Decentraland Is Offering Virtual Lands for Hosting Concerts

Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual reality platform where users can become land owners and make money off their virtual real estate. Each piece of land is an NFT that can be transformed through imagination and creativity.

For example, depending on your imagination, the platform can become an exciting game or a sprawling 3D scene. It can also become a space where you host virtual conferences and even virtual concerts.

The MANA token facilitates all purchases made on the Decentraland (MANA) platform, including buying various NFT items and characters. It is backed by a robust and decentralized blockchain technology that provides security and fast transaction speeds.

With the many events and NFTs hosted on the Decentraland platform, the MANA token continues to maintain a leading position as an NFT token.

Big Eyes Welcomes You to the Sushi Crew

Big Eyes (BIG) hopes to introduce the word “cute” to the NFT space. The team behind Big Eyes (BIG) has placed their faith in the future of NFTs. It aims to release and promote its adorable cat-themed NFTs to the public using its community, various promotional activities, and social influencers.

It also plans to launch an exclusive club for Big Eyes (BIG) NFT holders—the “Big Eyes Sushi Crew.” Owning these digital assets will allow users to attend several NFT events and win rewards by participating in different contests. These will create extra hype and promote Big Eyes (BIG) to be among the top 10 NFT projects.

Furthermore, Big Eyes (BIG) will support the purchase and charge a 10% tax on these cute NFTs. This will be an additional incentive to mint and hold its NFTs, as 4% of the NFT tax will go to the original NFT seller, while 5% will go to NFT holders.

Lastly, Big Eyes (BIG) intends to take its cute-eyed cat NFT project to the ocean. It plans to support ocean-preserving charities with 1% of its NFT tax. This would further draw the rest of the world’s population to the cute meme coin and drive it to become the most popular project in the cryptocurrency market.


Despite the presence of leading NFT tokens like Decentraland (MANA) and BinaryX (BNX), the cute-eyed Big Eyes (BIG) could boost the value of NFTs. Its unique approach to NFTs and planned benefits could earn it a top spot in the NFT space.

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