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Chesky admits there’s been lots of requests on crypto payments for Airbnb

  • Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky revealed that he has been getting requests about crypto payments. 
  • The CEO said that Airbnb is offering 20,000 homes to Afghan refugees. 

The co-founder and CEO of vacation rental company Airbnb, Brain Chesky, commented on crypto payment in a recent interview with Liz Claman of The Claman Countdown. The show airs on the Fox Business Network and has hosted various businessmen and women. Chesky joined The Claman Countdown to discuss the state of Airbnb despite the coronavirus and its stance on crypto. 

Airbnb CEO on accepting crypto payment 

During the interview held on the 21st of September, Claman asked the Airbnb CEO when the vacation rental company would begin to allow customers to pay with crypto. In response, Chesky said:

We get a lot of requests, I’ve been getting it for years, I have nothing to announce on it today.

The Airbnb CEO added that the Coinbase founder used to work for the company, and the rental company is proud of his success. 

Speaking further, the interviewer asked Chesky about his opinion on the ongoing challenges the crypto space is facing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Chesky noted that it is important for businesses to educate the government on the nature of their business. Noting that the educating stage may be “messy,” he said it is an integral part of running a business. 

Claman had noted at the beginning of the interview that Airbnb appears to be the preferred choice for people on vacation. Notably, the Biden administration announced that there would be a lift on the ban that restricts foreigners from travelling to the US. Chesky pointed out that there is going to be a major reduction in the number of business travels. He said that since the coronavirus pandemic started, a lot of people have discovered that most of the reasons people travel for business can now be solved with technology. People now rely on video teleconferencing instead of physical meetings. 

As a result, Chesky said that there would be more leisure travel. He revealed that one-fifth of Airbnb’s customers are not even travellers but people living in. He said a large percentage of customers live more than a month in the millions of apartments the company has globally. 

Airbnb offers 20,000 homes for Afghan refugees 

Last month, Airbnb announced that it would be volunteering 20,000 homes for short-term lodging for Afghan refugees affected by the Taliban invasion. The CEO noted that Airbnb had hosted about 100,000 people for free over a decade. He said that the company is currently accommodating 700 refugees and could even extend over the 20,000 limits. 

Data showed Airbnb has been increasing since the beginning of the year. Since January, the company’s stock has gained 15.78 percent and 12.76 percent in the last three months. The company has climbed 11.28 percent over the past month and another 1.08 percent in the last five days.  

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