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DRIP is a Dividend Re-Investment Program.

Drip rewards participants 1% daily ROI up to 365%.  Players can compound and extend their earnings through deposits, hydrating (compounding) the daily 1% reward, or instead chose to airdrop DRIP rewards. The math: 1% compounded daily is 3,600% APY!

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DRIP is a layer 2 token on the Binance Smart Chain whose primary use is staking in a DeFi dApp (decentralized app) called THE FAUCET. Deposited tokens go into a tax vault system to ensure the continuity of the daily reward payment system. For those of us who have had success in DeFi smart contract dapps… we know Drip has changed the game. It will soon be king of the DeFi space.

The recommended exchange for buying/selling Drip is the Fountain contract which can be found directly on the website under the “Swap” tab. Using the platform DEX waives the initial 10% tax on buys that would be otherwise be incurred on other exchanges (Pancakeswap for example) and provides the lowest prices and highest liquidity, resulting in less slippage for larger trades.

Drip can be deposited into Drip’s faucet contract to provide a consistent 1% daily return (up to 365% of initial principal amount) for participation over time. Drip is the only deflationary daily ROI token that pays stakers and referrers from a TAX system and not through inflation!

The rules of the DRIP Faucet smart contract ensure its growth and protect its stability and longevity.  The developers considered any potential for exploitation when designing DRIP to protect the contract and participants with a high level of detail.  This was achieved with a fair and self-regulating tax system so the DRIP community will safely sustain itself forever.

If the project grows as I expect, it will create life changing money for myself and many other people…

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The drip network’s faucet is a low-risk, high reward contract that operates similarly to a high yield certificate of deposit. Players can participate by purchasing drip from the platform’s swap page, joining a drip team, depositing drip to the faucet contract, and earning a consistent 1% daily return on their deposited Drip tokens (365% maximum payout) passively.

Players can also compound their earnings through regular deposits, rolling rewards, as well as team based referrals. Unlike many other platforms promising a consistent daily % return, faucet’s contract cannot drain and will always be able to provide the drip that has been rewarded.

Drip rewards come from a 10% tax on all drip transactions excluding buys from the platform’s swap page. If there is ever a situation where the tax pool is not enough to pay drip rewards new drip will be minted to ensure rewards are paid out. Given the ingenious game theory behind the drip network, the probability that the system will need to mint new Drip to pay rewards is extremely low. Since drip deposited into faucet are sent to the tax/payout vault and Drip is constantly being locked-in the liquidity pool through the reservoir contract, Drip is the only deflationary daily ROI platform.

Not only are players able to passively increase their drip holdings in faucet through participation over time, but faucet also incentivizes players to participate actively by providing lucrative referral rewards for building out a team. There is also an airdrop feature which is a great way to ensure that your account is in positive net deposit value standing, give back to your team, and also build up referrals through frequent giveaways.


Faucet’s compounding mechanism uses your current available Drip dividends and redeposits them into the faucet contract, compounding your long-term earnings by increasing your daily cash flow and also by increasing your max pay-out.

There is only a 5% tax on compounding transactions instead of the 10% tax that is put on other Drip transactions. This 5% tax goes into the Faucet pool that is used to pay daily ROI and referral bonuses. Drip is the only deflationary daily ROI token that pays stakers and referrers from a tax on transactions and not through inflation!

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None of this is financial advice; but the potential for adoption combined with the well thought out smart contract mechanisms of the DRIP token ecosystem could present a life changing opportunity to generate a stream of passive income.

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