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Digital Artist Micah Klein Introduces New Crypto-Pills Collection, and Announces His New Upcoming NFT Project


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – October 30, 2021) – Micah Klein, artistic maestro and the iconic contemporary artist responsible for the groundbreakingly successful “CRYPTO PILLS” collection that sold out in a record of only eleven minutes, is expected to release a new NFT collection soon.

The upcoming NFT collection created by Klein will feature 5,000 original three-dimensional Pillman characters.

Micah Klein

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“May I have your attention, please? May I have your attention, please?” This highly popular intro was featured on one of the Anger Management Tour songs in the early 2000s. The other notable correlation to this tour is that it frequently featured the famous Pillman character, a known inspiration in Klein’s digital masterpieces, previous NFT collection, and upcoming NFT collection.

Crypto Pills NFT

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It may be fair to say that most individuals with internet access should at least have heard about non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Well, this is an excellent time to start learning about the digital art revolution, which is becoming more mainstream by the day. Over the last year, the NFT market has been growing rapidly at an impressive rate, with the Crypto-Pills collection by Micah Klein being considered as one of the most popular projects to date. These colorful and intricate NFTs were quickly sold out in only a few minutes to frenzied buyers who were determined to get their hands on their very own unique piece of Klein’s remarkable collection.

Micah Klein is no stranger to the digital art world or the spotlight, as he has been regarded as a pioneer in digital art and graphic design since the late eighties. Klein’s work can be found in museums worldwide, and some of his work has even been sold at the famous Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions. Due to his expertise and experience in using digital tools as the medium for his mind-blowing artistic creations, the manifestation of NFTs was perfect for the digital legend to make his famous character, The Pillman, into a collection of 10,000 unique and algorithmically generated NFTs.

The Pillman was one of the first three-dimensional animations that can be traced back to the house and rave movement of the early nineties before it became recognized as a symbol of the rap scene in the early 2000s, specifically reminiscent of The Anger Management. Later, it served as a significant inspiration for Klein’s artistic works, where today, he has helped it find its way to the modern art movement of NFTs.

Marsh Mellow by Micah Klein

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The Crypto-Pills NFTs are presented in the form of several unique multicolored pill-shaped characters with varied traits. Klein drew 500 of these characters over six months at his home in Bali to create this vibrant and nostalgic collection. He purposely ensured each NFT was generated into 3,000 high-resolution pixels so each Crypto-Pill holder could print their NFT in a larger format. The phenomenal quality of the collection has inspired hundreds of first-time buyers to scour the secondary market for available Crypto-Pills before they are priced out of their reach. Crypto-Pills NFT can be purchased on OpenSea, a marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain where individuals can buy and sell all types of different NFTs and collections.

The current starting price for Crypto-Pills at the time of writing is .1 Ethereum (ETH), although price fluctuations occur, and this is constantly changing. Generally, this collection has continued to gain value as time goes on. This is the first time in history that the public has the opportunity to buy an original 1/1 art piece by Micha Klein ten times lower than what his most affordable work goes for on average. Many speculate this price will only be temporary with the gaining traction and intrinsic value of the project determined to reach new heights.

The future for Crypto-Pills is arguably bright, with such a talented and notable artist behind it and such sensational and stunning artwork.

Klein plans to launch his new collection around late October 2021, which will only add to the rapidly increasing value of the original Crypto-Pills collection. The upcoming collection, as mentioned, will only consist of 5,000 unique three-dimensional Crypto Pill characters that will vary in rarity and traits that all resemble the OG Pillman design. These three-dimensional assets are created with the most innovative technology on the blockchain to date within what is referred to as the “metaverse.”

Each one will even be animated and viewable on the OpenSea marketplace, lucky first few will be able to mint one of the OG Pillman NFTs, they will initially be free (not including gas fees) before being traded on the secondary marketplace.

Crypto Pill

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Some benefits for those who want to get involved with the project before release include the availability of free merch in the days leading up to the launch of the OG Pillman collection, as well as an exciting Halloween Giveaway. Not to mention, the community is fun and interactive, and individuals can learn more, ask questions and stay up to date on any announcements by joining the official Crypto-Pill Discord.

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