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eBay Responds to a Tweet About Shiba Inu Payments


After an online behemoth, eBay responded to a tweet inquiring if it had considered taking Shiba Inu Coin. SHIB holders may be on the lookout for second-hand goods and scalped game systems.

“Now that we’re fully separated from PayPal, we’re definitely looking at ways to help expand payment options for buyers and sellers,” the Ask eBay account tweeted on November 16 in response to one SHIB holder.

Let’s look at it more closely.

Is it Possible for eBay to Accept SHIB?

While companies like NOWPayments are leading the way in allowing users to pay with SHIB, a Shiba Inu payment system on eBay appears to be a long way off.

The AskeBay responses highlight eBay’s readiness to support new payment options even more. However, rather than a statement of interest in SHIB, this is most likely a standard response from the support account.

The tweets received a great response from the Shiba community. “I use eBay all the time, please make this happen!!!” one customer tweeted. Another exclaimed, “BULLISH!”

eBay does not take bitcoin payments at the moment, although it appears to be interested in the technology. “We have no immediate plans, but [cryptocurrency] is something we are keeping an eye on,” it told Reuters in May

McDonald’s Reacts to SHIB’s Twitter

eBay’s response comes after McDonald’s did the same thing last week, attracting the attention of ShibArmy’s one million-strong following. The Shiba Inu community was stunned when the official McDonald’s Twitter account responded to a tweet about SHIB payments last week.

“We appreciate hearing your interest and regularly assess the payments experience,” McDonald’s responded in response to the user’s tweet.

While it’s unlikely that McDonald’s will take SHIB, it was enough to send the ShibArmy into a frenzy. Here is what transpired.

Several SHIB fans responded by posting photographs of Shiba-based fast food, such as a ‘Shib Mac’ or ‘McShib.’ Others changed the McDonald’s logo to include SHIB, which they pointed out already had the same color scheme as the fast-food company.

NOWPayments, a payment service that was one of the first to accept SHIB payments, also contacted McDonald’s on Twitter about a potential combination.

Given that McDonald’s does not take any cryptocurrencies at the moment. It’s unlikely that it will start accepting SHIB anytime soon. On the other hand, its competitor, Burger King, teamed with Robinhood earlier this month to offer bitcoin rewards with orders.


eBay’s move aligns it with other e-commerce behemoths like Amazon, which has been pressed by 200,000 SHIB supporters in multiple petitions. Amazon does not take bitcoin at this time, but it may have intentions to do so in the future.

Source: FinFold

The Petitions urging large corporations to welcome Shiba Inu have already gathered a sizable following. A petition urging Tesla to embrace SHIB has gathered 53,000 signatures, while numerous petitions aimed at Amazon have amassed a total of 205,000 signatures. McDonald’s has 5000 signatures on a petition to welcome Shiba Inu, for the last six months.

 Meanwhile, a petition on eBay urging the company to accept SHIB has only 7,000 signatories.

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