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Ethereum Whale Buys 24 Billion Shiba Inu Coins Worth $110 Million Hours Before the 30% Spike


A mysterious and unidentified Ethereum whale purchased 24 billion Shiba Inu coins worth a staggering 110 million today. The transaction was done just hours prior to SHIB spiking upwards to +30% in the days trade. The whale in question is sitting on huge profits as his/her bag headed north in a matter of hours.

The transaction was confirmed within 1 second and the whale paid a mere $20.59 as transaction fee. The whale paid a gas price of 0.000000133924757327 Ether while ETH was at the $4,448.49 mark.

Moreover, Shiba Inu whales have added 42% more SHIB coins to their wallets in the last 24 hours. The whales made good use of the dips by never missing an opportunity to buy more tokens when it slumped. On an average, a whales’ minimum SHIB balance has increased by over 2.5 million tokens since the last two months.

Just a week ago, a whale picked up 850 billion SHIB coins worth $36 million during the dip. Also, two weeks ago, a first-time SHIB whale purchased 170 billion SHIB coins worth $8 million during the dip.

Data shows that majority of the purchases from the whale community was done only during the dips. While common investors sold their assets fearing the drastic slump, whales worked in reverse adding more coins to their bags.

The trend shows a stark difference in thinking capacity and decision making between whales and a common investor. While whales believe a dip to be an opportunity, common investors feel a dip is a burden to carry. Nonetheless, investment is ones individual choice and there’s no right or wrong as it depends on an individual’s situation.

Shiba Inu Becomes A Hot Selling Cake

Shiba Inu is the favourite token among top 1000 ETH whale wallets since more than two months in a row. Whales have gone in and out of the token regularly and majority of them are holding on to their portfolio. Only a handful of SHIB whales have jumped ship by selling their tokens.

There’s so much happening in the Shiba world that even whales have been bitten by the ‘fear of missing out’ bug. A lot of investors are hoping for SHIB to breach the 1 Cent mark as it brings a financially stable life. The crypto market is the only way to attain richness as they believe the traditional markets favours only the rich.

At the time of publishing, Shiba Inu was trading at $0.00004861 and is up +24.32% in the days trade. SHIB is displaying bullish sentiments and its price could propel further in the coming weeks.

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