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Mysterious Saitama Whale Moves 159 Trillion Coins Worth $10 Million to a Different Wallet Address


A mysterious and unidentified Saitama whale transferred 159 trillion coins worth $10 million to a different wallet address. The whale moved the enormous SAITA coins from one Ethereum wallet a different ETH wallet. Since the large bag of coins was only a transfer, it didn’t reflect on Saitama’s price in the indices.

However, the reason for the whale to move such a large bag from one wallet to another remains to be a mystery. The whale paid a transaction fee of $34.22 and a gas price of 0.00000015 Ether. ETH was priced at $4,271.96 when the transaction was initiated.

Saitama recently crossed 250,000 holders and the numbers are increasing by the day. Investors believe the token could spike in similar fashion to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and reward early holders handsomely. The token runs on the ERC-20 platform and 2% of every transaction is deducted and redistributed among the pool of holders.

The token was launched in June 2021 and quickly gained investors from day 1. Influencers promoted the token on all formats of social media making it reach a wider audience. SAITA is a low-hanging fruit and is available for purchase at less than a Cent. The low price is what’s attracting new investors into its fold who believe it could deliver returns in the long run.

Saitama began trading with 10 ‘zeroes’ in the indices during its launch and knocked out three ‘zeroes’ up until today. It achieved the feat in less than six months of its inception and could delete more zeroes along the way. The token is also registered as an LLC in the United States.

WhaleStats was among the first to reveal the transaction. “A whale just bought 159,666,004,527,875 #SAITAMA ($10,429,400 USD). Transaction: #SaitamaWolfPack #SaitamaInuWolfPack,” they tweeted.

Saitama Price Prediction

Saitama had a stellar start during its initial months but began trading sideways due to the market sending mixed signals. SAITA is down -18.3% since the last 30-trading days and has dipped -48.4% since the last 14-days.

The price is expected to move along with the market conditions. It is estimated that SAITA can spike upto 33% in the coming weeks but a market dip could drag it further down. It is advised to wait for further dips before making an entry position in SAITA.

At the time of publishing, Saitama was trading at $0.000000052190 and is down -8.1% in the days trade. It’s down -69.4% from its all time high (ATH) of $0.000000170776 which it reached on November 13.

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