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Revisit Your Childhood Memories with NFT’s


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Atari Chain Meets Blockchain

Gaming studio legend Atari is practically synonymous with gaming nostalgia. They first brought gaming to the world in the 1970s and 80s as the popular creator of arcade games and home game consoles. They are also famous for inventing the world’s first broadly available video game – Pong.

Can Atari Chain Bring Back All the Fun? In short, Yes. Here’s How:

After being a leading creator of video game consoles for the following decades, in 2020 Atari shifted its sights on the future of gaming – blockchain. Games that include cryptocurrencies and NFTs in their ecosystems have a competitive advantage over their legacy competitors in several ways.

The first is the decentralized finance model. In legacy gaming, the in-game assets are owned and controlled by the gaming company, not the players. Blockchain players can now own their own gaming skins as NFTs and even trade them on the NFT marketplace.

Next to add to this GameFi project is bringing the world of decentralized finance and gaming together with a Play-to-Earn model and you get the perfect storm. 

Why? Where players can have fun, and where gaming is just a hobby where they can play-to-earn and turn this into a revenue stream. Then only, this can be turned into a legitimate side hustle. How serious are people about increasing their income and becoming financially independent?

They are voting with their feet. It’s so big that the movement has a name – the “Great Resignation”. In the US in 2021, 4.4 million Americans, or over 3% of the workforce, have quit their jobs as of the end of September.

Atari Chain is in collaboration with the ICICB Group, which is a leading UAE-based investment management company with investments in many areas, blockchain, crypto exchanges, FinTech companies, financial houses, and hedge fund licenses. With supporters like ICICB, Atari Chain is set to achieve its goal of becoming the world’s leading token of use within the entertainment industry. 

Atari Chain is bringing its historic brand, powerful partnership and ecosystem to the blockchain.  Specifically, the Ethereum blockchain, the world’s premier application-layer blockchain, with its native $ATRI ERC-20 token and NFTs.

Let’s Talk NFTs

What are NFTs and why should you want to own one? NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital signatures embedded as tokens on the blockchain. They indicate when something was created, by who, when its ownerships traded hands and who owns it now. Since NFTs are recorded on the blockchain they are part of a transparent, immutable record.

NFTs can be stored on a cryptocurrency wallet and bought, traded or sold on NFT marketplaces using cryptocurrency. The market for NFTs went from under a billion in total sales in all its 4-year history prior to 2021, to several billion dollars in sales per month in one single NFT marketplace on one blockchain – OpenSea on Ethereum. 

Cryptocurrencies that are built-in to NFT ecosystems are seeing outsized growth recently. This includes the $ATRI token which powers the upcoming Atari metaverse which features NFTs as a central component.

Atari Chain entered the NFT space with several sales of NFT collectables taken from Atari’s rich history. NFT art pieces of Centipede and Pong arcade games sold as part of the Atari Capsule Collection on April 2, 2021.

Atari Chain recognizes that NFT gaming is the future and its plans to enter the NFT sector include its plans to open a cryptocurrency casino as well as re-release classic games. Since these will be NFT games players can purchase or earn special NFTs that are also in-game assets. Thus these NFTs will be collectables and also have utility.

All aspects of the ecosystem will dovetail from the cryptocurrency wallet to the decentralized exchange and cryptocurrency token to the in-game NFTs that can be bought, sold and traded.

Blockchain and NFTs are the future of gaming. The most iconic American gaming company in history knows this and is investing its resources into this ecosystem. They are leveraging their brand to achieve a first-mover advantage in this nascent space.


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